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Home Electrical Services

Once a preserve of the rich and famous, a smart home is now a luxury available to us all, from a single room upgrade (kitchen, bathroom, lounge etc) to a whole house integrated system
You can have limitless control of any number of systems including lighting (internal and external), access controls (garage doors & electric gates are a favourite here) even velux windows, electric blinds etc can be incorporated giving you full control at your fingertips even from mobile devices, phones, tablets etc, you could be in your lounge or on a beach abroad and still be able to control your systems at the press of a button
As specialist approved C-BUS installers we have a vast knowledge of the best systems on the market.

Audio Visual

Pictures – possible use the recessed speakers and TV screens
With years of experience in both commercial and domestic Audio Visual installation we can provide anything from concealed speaker wiring to future proof your home all the way through to complete integrated systems comprising all your systems (Sky, youview, freeview, freesat, CD, DVD, Blueray, Large screens, small creens, LCD’s, Plasmas, Radio, SONOS, CCTV etc)
all into one easily managed system – no more clutter


With the ever increasing choice of lighting systems especially the vast improvements in LED technology the correct choice of lighting can offer a host of benefits to you installation not least the stunning visual impact a well laid out installation can achieve as well a considerable savings in energy and maintenance with many luminaires now offering lamp life in the region of 50’000 hours


Be it part of an integrated system or stand alone, a properly designed and installed CCTV system can be a very valuable commodity, as well as the security aspect (as a deterrent and as a reviewable system) CCTV can also be used for many other uses – keeping an eye open for the postman, keeping your eye on the kids in the garden and so on.

As well as installing numerous CCTV systems both domestic and commercial (sometimes both “linked systems”) we also use CCTV on a daily basis as a communication and co-ordination tool, allowing 2 way speech as well as real-time video between our office and warehouse facilities (a system we would now be lost without).

Whether part of a integrated system or not, our CCTV systems come with “Remote Viewing” as standard as well as various other functions such as the ability to open and close doors, turn lights on, play pre-recored messages, sound sounders, etc , all though the internet using a remote computer or with the use of smartphones ipads, tablets etc. HD “High definition” camera systems are also now available without breaking the bank